Monday, May 12, 2008

Jordan Shoes - The History

Air Jordans: The Man Behind The Shoe

Michael Jordan may have been one of the greatest basketball (not baseball) players of all time in the history of the world. It was a genius idea to come up with Jordan shoes, as their popularity was a testament to his skills as a player. Every 14 year old boy who wanted just to be like Mike and dominate the NBA and become a millionaire wanted the Michael Jordan basketball shoes.

In The Beginning, There were Jordan Shoes

Michael Jordan shoes first began in 1984 when Nike Air created a subdivision called Jordan Brand, who created the Air Jordan line making Air Jordan basketball shoes. These shoes have become so hot that there are Jordan Shoes collectors everywhere, especially at the auction sites like ebay. The collectors classify the shoes by year and model of the shoe, using Originals, Retros (retro jordan shoes a.k.a air jordan retro shoes) and Retro-pluses, Player Exclusive and Samples for example. Additionally they will pay a good price for used Jordans in mint condition.

Air Jordan Styles

It would be difficult to find any cheap Jordan shoes anymore, unless of course you get lucky. Custom Jordan shoes are also a big hit, especially with all the movie stars in California like Spike Lee who helped bring the popularity of these shoes to their peaks by featuring them in many of his movies. California Jordan shoes or California Jordans, as they can be called, are a big hit and frequently searched for.

The Jordan Shoe History, including Retro Jordans

Currently, there are currently 23 generations of Air Jordan shoes, not taking into account all the special ones such as the Defining Moments Package released in 2006, the Air Jordan Spiz'ike to commemorate Spike Lee and released in 2007, or the Countdowns released just this year in 2008. There are also the Jordan 6 Ring shoes that feature each shoe Michael Jordan wore during each of six championships he won.


As with most popular items in society, there have actualy been many crimes, including, inexplicably, several murders, related to Air Jordan shoes. Most involve teenage boys, as would be expected. Wikepedia has a summary of these crimes as they pertain to AJs or MJs, as the Air Jordans are called. They also shouldn't have made any kid Jordan shoes sizes. There was also a spree of fake reproductions sold where it was difficult to tell the difference between these counterfeits and the real jordan shoes.

Today's New Nike Jordans

As crazy as people get about Jordan shoes, it is an attribute to their persistent and continuing popularity. The question is, will there be any new Nike Jordan basketball shoes made after the Jordan 23 shoes?